The goal of FaaSr is to enable research and development in event-driven Function-as-a-Service workflows for science domains including (but not limited to) natural sciences. If you are a researcher interested in using the software for your project, we would love to hear from you - please contact the team and join the user’s group to let us know more about how we can help, and if you’d like your project to be highlighted in this page.

If you publish research results that use the software, please make sure you cite our software in your publications to help us show the impact of our software to our sponsors.

Users and practitioners

If you are a user, or potential user of the software, please join our user’s group and connect with the team and other users.

Code developers

We are excited to bring additional developers to contribute code, as well as contributions in documentation, examples, vignettes, supporting additional FaaS platforms, and others.

Our software repository is on GitHub, which many developers are familiar with. We follow a review process – pull requests are thoroughly reviewed by one or more experienced peer developers before being incorporated in the code base. Therefore, we expect code of good quality that is thoroughly tested before a pull request is accepted. We provide integration tests that allow developers to test their code before a pull request.

You should feel free to fork our repositories and work on your own fork; if you would like to commit code to our branch, the actual steps of this process are outlined in a separate document. Contributors interested in embarking on implementing a project that may require significant changes to software modules are encouraged to contact us before doing so to make sure we understand the scope of the project.